How to choose the correct size of clamp?

Choosing the right size of clamp is crucial. Clamps should not be too big or too small. For precise measurement, take account of both pipe OD and hose thickness. However, for quick measurement, add 2-3 mm to hose OD to get the right clamp size. For more information, please visit Choosing the right hose clamp: size and material.

What are the differences between each color of clamp?

For metal clamps, different colors result from different surface treatment materials, for example, Zinc Cr3 coating, Zinc Cr6 coating, Geomet coating, and Hot Dip Galvanized. For stainless steel, colors differs according to their quality.

What is EPDM rubber? What is it recommended for?

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a type of synthesized rubber, widely used for outdoor, chemical related, and high temperature settings. EPDM is resistant to weather, ozone, water vapor, and other difficult environments.

The correct clamp size is not available, what should I do?

ORBIT has a wide variety of clamp for you to choose from. Our clamps come in different sizes and materials to best match our customers’ needs. We also offer OEM for customer with specific requirements. Our professionals and gurus are willing to serve you at ORBIT. Please contact us at Facebook or Line OA 

Do clamps get rusty?

Even zinc-coated metal can get rusty, mostly depending on the environments. However, ORBIT clamps are manufactured and quality-checked complying with international standards. ORBIT provides a variety of materials to suit different uses, such as coated metal, and several types of stainless steel, especially the renowned rust-and-corrosion resistant 304/316 stainless steel.

How much pressure can clamp endure?

Pressure endurance differs depending on clamp types, appropriate installation of each uses, and contained fluid. ORBIT clamp specifications, including appropriate torque for specific pressure, are clearly stated in the catalog. You can also visit ORBIT via any of our contacts for further recommendations and information at Facebook or Line OA .

Can clamps be reused?

Each type and material of clamps has different lifetime, depending on the environment and usage. However, every torque wears off the durability of the materials. Therefore, for safety purpose, it is recommended to always use new clamps, as reused clamps increase the risk of overall damage later.

Should I tighten the clamp more?

Many believe that for clamp fastening, “the tighter, the better”. In fact, over-tightening has some negative effects on both the clamp and the hose, as it increases the risks of damage and leakage. Therefore, it is recommended to fasten the clamp appropriately for longer lifetime.


For more information, please visit Hose Clamp: the tighter, the riskier?

How many types of clamps are there?

Clamps vary in so many aspects such as design, size, and material, depending on usage and types of hoses and pipes. ORBIT also provides OEM services for special specifications. Our professionals and gurus are willing to serve you at ORBIT. Please contact us at Facebook or Line OA .

What is the difference between white and gold zinc coating?

White clamp is coated with Cr 3 (Trivalent Chromate), which complies to RoHS Certification (Restriction of Certain Harzaedous Substances), widely accepted in EU and internationally as industrial use type of clamps. While gold clamp is coated with Cr6 (Hexavalent Chromate), a zinc coating for typical use.