The Mighty Tiny “Clamp”
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Do you know what is the most important in Water Treatment? The answer is Piping System.

Piping System is the main factor in conveying fluid through treatment processes. It consists of different types and sizes of pipes and hoses as appropriate to each process. Piping system maintenance is crucial in Water Treatment, as small leakage or damage can lead to a more serious complication, which may cause more time and budget to repair.

ORBIT SWP Clamp is a pipe coupling suitable even for flammable environment. It can connect pipes and hoses differing in sizes, materials, or in other complex situations such as O.D. difference and misalignment. It can also repair leakage and fracture in 7-10 mins with simple installation that you can do it yourself, following the steps below:


SWP Open Flex 1R and 2R

1. Take out the inner rubber to cover the leak spot.

2. Cover the rubber with the outer case.

3. Install with recommended equipment and specific torque as shown on the label.


SWP Grip

1. Trim and deburr pipe ends. Clean the pipe surface.

2. Measure the band width then divided by 2. Then mark both connecting pipe ends at the length of the answer.

3. Assemble as marked.

4. Adjust torque wrench to match the details on the label. Fasten to the exact torque.


ORBIT SWP Clamp complies with international standards. Quality products with quality services from ORBIT professionals you can rely on! Contact us for more details.


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