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Last Update 2021-06-01 02:22:17
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For custom car, apart from modifying auto parts and accessories to boost it up, another concern is “Ultimate Safety”.

For that, these are necessary: Regularly check water level, and inspect leakage from worn-out seals or overflow.  Then check motor oil (change it in interval) along with gear oil, clutch fluid, and differential fluid.  Don’t forget to inspect hoses and clamps - make sure the hoses aren’t swollen or crazing, and the clamps are still in good condition, namely they are firm in the spot, not breaking or moving. Most importantly, make sure the clamps are of good-quality.  Low-quality clamps may result in looseness that can make your car life-threatening!

Choose high-quality clamps with standards.  Better pay a little more for better clamps, than wasting a huge sum of money on repairing the damage from low-quality clamps. Most importantly, high-quality clamps help us live a swift and safe lives a lot longer.

ORBIT T-Bolt and ORBIT Constant Tension, renowned among auto customization services, are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure safety and endurance. Offering wide range of sizes to choose from.

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