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3 Surprising Reasons to choose “ORBIT SWP Clamp” Pipe Coupling.

Pipe Coupling is used to connect pipes/tubes and fix leaky pipes. This product is developed to substitute Flange or Welding (which needs more caution because of sparks and heat). 

ORBIT SWP Clamp is a light-weighted, easy-to-install, and convenient pipe coupling with international standards compliance. It is suitable for pipe connection and repair in wide range of situations from typical to industrial work, including shipbuilding and petrochemical industry.

ORBIT SWP Clamp comes with special abilities to help you in critical connection situations as:

1. Axial Misalignment – in cases where pipes cannot be aligned, ORBIT SWP Clamp can help you connect the pipes with the maximum of 3 mm of misalignment.

2. Angular Deflection – similarly to 1. , in some situations where pipes cannot be aligned in straight angle, but also not deflected enough for Elbows, ORBIT SWP Clamp can help you connect the pipes with the with the maximum of 4-5 degree of deflection.

3. O.D. Tolerance – any piping systems require a large number of different sizes of pipes, therefore pipe connection with O.D. difference is inevitable. ORBIT SWP Clamp comes in varieties of range to choose from. Please feel free to consult our salesperson or contact us via the information below.


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