No More Sizing Problems!!
Last Update 2021-07-09 06:15:44
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Most common problem in piping is sizing, such as getting wrong clamp sizes, and having various sizes of pipes/hoses to work with. ORBIT’s Band & Buckle and Quick Release are great solutions to sizing problems. Both come in form of easy-to-use, 30-metre, durable band roll, made with standard quality stainless steel, so you can work around different sizes of pipes/hoses worry-free. ORBIT also adds OD on the packaging of both products for your further convenience.


Band & Buckle

Easy-to use stainless steel Band & Buckle comes with OD on the packaging, designed to save your valuable time. Suitable for fastening signposts, boards, poles, pipe installations, etc.

A set contains 25 buckles


Quick Release

430 ridged stainless steel band, designed for better contact between bands and pipes/hoses, also comes with OD on the packaging. Another alternative with wide range of adjustability, suitable for quick installation and uninstallation that could save your valuable time.

A set contains 25 buckles.

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