Why Standard Tools? No More Torque Problems.
Last Update 2021-07-09 06:18:19
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Torque is another concern in clamp installation, as both too tight and too loose installations increase the risks on hoses/pipes, which could lead to more severe problems. Clamps normally come with torque guideline and Torque Meter is needed in measurement. SWP Series clamps, for example, require specific torque for different sizes, therefore, torque meter is necessaryfor precise installation, especially for clamps in industrial settings where small damage could affect the whole system.


ORBIT Digital Torque Wrench,3/8” in size and compatible for12-60 Nm, comes with good functionalities, such as digital display, unit converter (Nm, ft.lb, in.lb, km.cm, etc.), and changeable head that is also compatible with crowfoot or flare nut head. It is a tool that would facilitate and enhance safety in your installations.

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