Banding tool
Last Update 2021-09-08 23:39:47
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ORBIT Band & Buckle installation is quicker and easier with our durable alloy Banding Tool. Follow these 3 simple steps:


Measure >> Fold stainless band end through slider to measure the OD. ORBIT Band & Buckle comes with OD on packaging for your convenience. Once you get the required OD, cut the band with metal cutter.

Fasten >> Thread the stainless band through buckle from hole to ears, then fold the band end under it. Fasten pipes, hoses, or any required area with the band by threading the band end through buckle hole, then tighten the band.

Cut >> Insert the band end into Banding Tool. Rotate the handle clockwise to tighten the band, then flip the Banding Tool over the buckle and pull the lever to cut the excess band end. Finish by pressing down the remaining band end and hammer the buckle ears down to secure.

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