3 Types of Hose Clamps
Last Update 2021-09-13 00:07:15
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Hose clamps may be classified by country standards, types of pressure, or by mechanical design as we choose to show below:


1. Worm Drive Hose Clamp – works by screwing the worm gear to fasten the clamp. A worm drive hose clamp is adjustable to many sizes of hose. This is the most common type of hose clamps, appropriate for maintenance use and typical clamping. It comes in different standards:

  • British Standard Hose Clamp – available in iron and many types of stainless steel. The inner side of the band is thick and smooth. This endures the most comparing to other standards.
  • SAE Standard Hose Clamp – available in various types of stainless steel. The band is perforated.
  • German Standard Hose Clamp – commonly found in automotive industry. The band is thinner and narrower with grooves on the inner side.


2. Nut and Bolt – endures high torsion. A nut and bolt clamp comes in fixed size and is not very adjustable. This design is mostly used with high pressure hose such as Heavy Duty Clamp or T-bolt Clamp. These two clamps share the same mechanism but differ in nut and band width according to different country standards. Another example of Nut and Bolt is Wire Clamp, used in coolant tank hose.


3. Others – other designs of clamps apart from those mentioned, for example, Screwless design like Spring Clamp (found in car engine hoses), or Ear Clamp (permanent clamp, non-adjustable for installation speed and safety)

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