Hose Connector matters
Last Update 2021-06-01 02:27:49
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Hose Connector matters

Choosing the right Hose Connector (Hose Barb) for the job directly affects the efficiency of hose clamp. “ORBIT” has these 3 suggestions:

  1. Use the same type of hose connector for highest safety. Using one type of hose connector, clamp, and hose enhances the overall efficiency.
  2. Hose size matters. Apart from choosing up-to-standard clamp, hose size needs to match the hose connector.
  3. “Plain water” is enough. Using lubricants in hose installation could end in disappointment. Some technicians use lubricants to facilitate the installation of hose to hose connector, however, this trades off the firmness of the connection. Therefore, our recommendation is to use “plain water” instead, and don’t forget to clamp the hose to the hose connector afterward.
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