How Many Hose Clamps Is Needed?
Last Update 2021-06-01 02:23:44
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How Many Hose Clamps Is Needed?

The number of clamps needed depends on the purpose of use and required safety level. On shipboard usage, for example, 2 clamps with half an inch space in between is recommended for safety purpose, as at least one clamp will be able to hold the hose if the other clamp is broken.

Some users may use up to 4 clamps. This is not recommended as it adds an extra cost and consumes extra installation time. Moreover, more equipment means more maintenance. In this case, consider changing the type of clamp and use only 1-2 clamps. The important note is to fasten the clamps on opposite directions, the first facing north, the other facing south, for example. As each type of clamps distribute tension unevenly, opposite installation would help balance the tension.

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