Industrial Supply
“Orbit Hose Clamps” are built according to the concept of sustainability and durability. We as a manufacturer, we utterly understood the pains of the downtime for every industry. Our Orbit hose clamps product has been recognized as reliable in various industrial used.
Food Processing
Orbit produced high corrosive resistant stainless steel 316-grade product to comply with the inherent cleanliness of the food industry. Our ”Orbit hose clamps” product complies with the hygiene and safety of the food industry.
Heavy Equipment & Engine Aftermarket
Durability is important for heavy equipment and engine maintenance. The repair cost for heavy equipment will never cheap, thus it is especially important to have a hose clamp that offering robust performance for equipment to reduce the downtime.
Marine & Shipbuilding
No compromise for product quality and performance are the reasons for “Orbit Hose Clamps” becoming the choice in the marine industry. They are zero tolerance for failure when on the sea, Orbit produced various stainless steel grade products to suits the extreme conditions for the marine industry.