Construction Material Supply
Infrastructure 1
“Orbit” offering various clamps, pipe connectors, and pipe hangers that are meeting the building standard. Our product is made from various material standards to suit the requirement of the building standard.
Water Treatment
Infrastructure 2
“Orbit pipe connectors and clamps solutions” are the best choices for the water treatment industry. Our product is tested to meet the high-quality standard and corrosive resistance required by the water treatment industry.
Wastewater Management
Infrastructure 3
"Orbit" is tough enough for all applications above ground and underground. Our wide range of pipe connectors and clamps solutions suit best for the new build, repair, and maintenance of the wastewater system.
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
Infrastructure 4
"Orbit" has been the ideal brand for the maintenance and repair work with the high flexibility of the product design and variety of material grades to suit different kinds of environments.