Hose Clamp Application

Since 1957, ”Orbit hose clamps” have been widely used in various applications worldwide. We are manufacturer, we understand how is it important to reduce the downtime for each of the industries, hence, our R & D team working assiduously to designed clamps that most suit specific industries. ”Orbit Hose Clamps” have proven to be "Leak Proof" under a controlled environment.
”Orbit hose clamps” has set a "Gold Standard" in the Hardware Distribution market for more than 60 years. Our products supply to more than 40 countries and have more than 300 distributors worldwide.
“Orbit Hose Clamps” are designed in mind to build a durable and high-performance product that exceeds various industrial standards. Orbit honor to the specification published in our catalogue and website unless there is a specific requirement to change specific material according to customer request.
Orbit Infrastructure is a new addition to our product portfolio. It contains a series of products that specially made for construction and water treatment and the HVAC market. We choose our material carefully to make sure all products are meeting most building standards in the world.
ORBIT welcome collaboration with OEM partners to custom made the “Best Clamping Solution” for a specific system. Our R & D and factory facilities are capable to design and produce the product according to customer requirements.